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Check List  


Comfortable loose pants that can stretch. If you can do a split with the stitches around the crotch holding up well, it’s a workable pant. Pink pants are fine, too as long as you can climb in ‘em.

Sport t-shirt. Crew neck tshirt is good. Save those collaredtshirts for a golf game with retired folks.

Peak cap. Buffs are good if you have long hair.

Climbing shoes. If you like to try the sport first before purchasing climbing shoes, we recommend you wear a snug-fit sport shoe with a tapering apex having a sole offering reasonable friction.

Drinking water. Minimum 2 liters. Maybe more. Don’t neglect this and end up sipping your colleague’s water supply. That will make you a liability. Bring your adequate water supply. Here’s a tip – freeze a bottle overnight with some powdered drink and bring it wrapped in a reusable plastic bag. Everyone would want a sip from you in the afternoon when all the water in their bottles warm up. Be in a position to share your water, not the other way around.

Hydration powder. Like tang sachets or other. Gives you the extra push. We like to push you hard.
Light packed lunch. Avoid fatty or greasy packs. Healthy sandwiches are good.

Energy bars. For those ‘in-between’ times. Simple peanut and jaggery bars are great too.
Personal identification with blood group.

Change of clothes. If you leaving for a date right after the trip, bring a change along. We understand it’s a weekend. No change of clothes needed, in case you building that ‘weekend warrior’ image of yourself.

Remember to pack all this in one day pack. We suggest a day pack so that your hands remain free while we hike to the climbing region.


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