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Enrollment Form  

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Vertical Bug Trips offers fulfilling and exciting adventure experience. However, it poses many risks that must be taken into consideration. As such, we must make sure everyone who enrolls with us understands the dangers and knows how to minimize them.

  • Each individual participant must have filled a separate and complete enrollment form on our website before being allowed to participate on our trip.

  • Participants under the age of 18 must have their parent or legal guardian’s consent and details on the form. Extended family and friends of parents are NOT legitimate guardians.

  • If you have no prior climbing or outdoor experience check out our FAQ page or give us a call for more information. The staff can tell you more about our services and how they best suit you.

  • Please be sure to follow Vertical Bug’s rules and staff instructions at all times. Your well-being and safety are our foremost concerns.

  • Please read our rules carefully and fill in all requested information to confirm your participation. We do not accept spot registrations.

  • If you have any questions regarding this form or its completion, please contact us.

You can begin the Online Enrollment here.

Please view the Safety Rules that you agree to, when you enroll with Vertical Bug.

Personal Details
Full Name * :
Identity you carry in this life time
Address :
In case you are a vagabound, pls mention 2 likely dwelling locations.
Mobile Number * :
Emergency Contact :
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Date of Birth :
Passion counts. Age is only technical info.
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Personal Health
Blood group :
Medical History and ailments if any :
Anything we need to know about your health :

I agree to hereby enroll for the outdoors programme organized by Vertical Bug on my own accord. i further undertake that I am fully aware of risks involved in such activities and confirm my participation at my own risk and consequences. I further declares and that shall not hold Vertical Bug or any of its staff members responsible for any loss/accident/mishap etc.

Date :


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