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Clients Speak



Clients Speak  


Seema and I had an awesome time. We were both impressed by and appreciated the fact that you actually taught us some of the finer points of climbing, rather than just setting a rope and saying "there you go." I was intending to write you a letter of recommendation as soon as I get caught up on things here.


- Farhan


You delivered in a completely bespoke way which was exactly what we hoped would happen and the days were continually changing as you reassessed our abilities and suggested a variety of climbs that would challenge us but would also excite us. We were able to select climbs for day 2 that gave us the options to try different rock, climb a classic or just embed skills with some supported top roping work. We also felt that having an enthusiastic instructor worked in our favour as it helped us to work, rework and rework our techniques until we were able to climb in an effective, safe yet challenging way. I must also thank you for your continuous promptness on e-mails and your work in identifying us such a good instructor. This follow up e-mail just confirms in my mind how professional your company is and I would not hesitate to recommend you, Vertical Bug to any people and corporate clients who are interested in developing their 'outdoor skills' or simply reward their team.


- Amit Varma


Wow. What a weekend ! The rains showed no sign of relenting, but thanks to your early caution, we were well prepared. It was Prashant who was using up everyone’s chocolate supply –but we will tackle that on our next trip. The waterfall abseiling looked almost impossible, but your teams’s positivity and patience helped us finish what we came for. Thanks for everything!


- Manish Sanghvi


It was exactly what we needed (even though I had not been sure quite what we needed beforehand) and you struck the perfect balance between making us feel comfortable enough to learn and then pushing us to do things we would not have attempted otherwise. I had not thought that anyone could have convinced me to step backwards off the edge of a bit of rock but you managed it – thank you!


- Govind and Meeta Varma


Now I know what Bouldering really is ! I am so sore from yesterday’s physical assault. How do you guys do this through the week ?? I actually like the wicked idea of getting my boss and his team for some ‘day fun’ with you guys. Thanks anyway for all the patience, guidance and sharing those nutrition bars. Will meet again.


- Vishal Singh


Thanks again for the rock climbing instructions the weekend. Both Nick and Zufi have said time and time again that it was their favorite part of the season. All Zufi talks about is how he wants to go for the ‘big wall’ next year to learn and climb some more. You showed him what he can do by getting up there with him and walking him through when he was having trouble. I still can not believe how he finished that last climb without hesitation while both Nick and I wanted to come down half way up (thanks for not letting us give up though). You are a true professional and if you ever have someone who wants to talk with someone who's done it before signing up please have them give me a call.


- Samira Walia


Just wanted to say a big thank you for fitting me into your busy mad week. I really do appreciate it so much. I had the most amazing time, I loved the climbing days plus the crazy activities that you made me do! I thank you so much for everything. Please keep me updated with your courses.


- Tah


Thanks for an awesome weekend of both climbing and learning! I now feel very confident I can go out and set up top rope anchors and climb moderate routes on my own. The instruction was excellent and you were very accommodating with the group and location change. I will definitely be recommending you all to people in the future!


- Ashish Wadhwan


I would both like to thank you so much for the expert tuition on our recent rock climbing course with you. The course content exceeded our expectations in every respect. The amount of detail you imparted and the thoroughness of the safety elements was amazing. Although I may have been slightly tentative at times, it was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. The photos you took show me smiling a lot so it must have been good. We are delighted that we chose Vertical Bug and engaged your services rather than find a local club. I cannot believe we could have found anyone so enthusiastic and encouraging as you were.


- Gasper Britto


We have been practising our knots and are looking forward to our next day off when we can go in search of some (easy!) crags and try out our new techniques. We are also determined to brave the climbing wall. Thank you for introducing us to the world of adventure!


- Leena


Just like to say thank you again for a fantastic weekend, it was great to meet Vertical Bug team and learn from you. We both came away feeling energised and excited, and we look forward to putting into practice everything we have learned (except how to get out of trouble). Ronnie found the waterfall abseil a little scary, and thanks to your constant encouragement and help was able to complete them.


- Ritu Saigal


I climbed with Vertical Bug and I had a great experience. Somit was inspiring and he took time to evaluate my prior experience and goals for the day and suggested climbs to match. Safety was, of course, the priority but he made sure I had fun as well. I will definitely climb with them again next time I am in India!


- Travis


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