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Safety Rules  


At Vertical Bug we are dedicated to your safety and fun!

Below is the full list of rules that you agree to when enrolling with us - grab your glasses. These rules may be amended at any time without warning. Vertical Bug staff has been instructed to enforce these rules through whichever means they see fit.

Adhere to the rules below, abide by any notices or warnings, follow the instructions of our staff and instructors, and alert your fellow climbers and participants to possible dangers or unsafe practices. Failure to follow any of the rules below can result in restrictions on certain participation privileges. Vertical Bug staff have the right to abort the activity for failure to comply safety norms.


  • Climbing, abseiling or related activity without gear or supervision of our staff is strictly not permitted.

  • MP3 players, iPods, cell phones, smartphones, and Bluetooth devices are not allowed while climbing, abseiling, top-roping, leading or belaying.

  • Do not climb directly below other climbers. Wait for you turn to climb or abseil.

  • Do not intentionally distract climbers or belayers.

  • Watch out for falling climbers and stand clear of fall zones and swing zones.

  • No barefoot climbing, hiking or abseiling.

  • No free soloing.

  • No running on cliff tops and rock edges.

  • Keep minimum 5 feet distance from the edge of the cliff at all times.

  • Do not lay down or sit directly below boulders

  • If you spot or belay, stay focused on the climber at all times.

  • Do not wander off on your own in the wilderness.

  • Wait for your turn and await our instructors signal

  • No eating or drinking while belaying or spotting.

  • Always perform safety checks before climbing! Check and recheck yourself and your partner’s knots, harnesses, and equipment.

  • Always use clear climbing commands.

  • No one is permitted to belay, tie in, mock-lead, or lead climb until they pass Vertical Bug pre-requisites.

  • Videotaping of any courses or instruction is prohibited.

  • Consumption of alcohol and/or controlled substances is not permitted at Vertical Bug. Anyone suspected of being under the influence will be asked to leave immediately.

  • Intimidating, harsh, or violent language and actions taken towards any members and staff will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal.

  • Vertical Bug have the right to abort activity temporarily or permanently for unsafe or inappropriate behavior.

  • Any willful refusal to follow Vertical Bug Rules, Policies, or Safety Standards will result in removal from the programme.

  • Climbers and belayers assume all risk while bouldering, top-roping, lead climbing, using Vertical Bug equipment, and participating in any Vertical Bug course or trip.


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